Providing Data to Help You Make Strong, Fact-Based Decisions

In our number-fueled society, data plays a crucial role in decision-making. Being able to see the big picture, also known as “data literacy,” has become another integral aspect of daily business for HR professionals.


Job Distribution & OFCCP Compliance Reports

For federal contractors, reports can be of the utmost importance—especially in the case of an audit. To help you with OFCCP compliance, we provide unlimited users access and training to the following:

Sample VetCentral OFCCP reportSample VetCentral OFCCP report
  • VetCentral OFCCP Reports: as part of our OFCCP compliance solution for federal contractors, we offer a robust reporting feature that allows employers to track job listing. To aid in reporting format needs, this report is made available in both PDF and Excel.
  • State Job Bank Reports: available for participating states only, this report captures jobs appearing on state job banks via screen capture and can serve as a supplemental report for audit assistance.
  • Job Distribution and Traffic Reports: this report shows sources of candidate traffic, geographic locations, keywords used within the job distribution network and more. Registered users are provided with four predefined reports each month, with customized reporting options available on the platform 24 hours a day.
  • Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) Reports: the partner relationship manager (PRM) tool was created to simplify maintenance of partner contacts and tracking of outreach efforts. This tool enables your organization to record details regarding hiring activity from a partner organization or contact within a partner organization, and run reports that capture your outreach efforts and effectiveness. To learn more, visit
Preparing for an audit? Learn more about our OFCCP Compliance Tools & Resources.

Source Codes

The rapid progression of technology has resulted in countless outlets to push your jobs online. While increasing visibility to your jobs is great, understanding the source of applicants is vital to making the most of your recruiting efforts. As a Member, we can work directly with your applicant tracking system (ATS) on implementing source codes to help you identify the most effective source of candidates and gather invaluable AA and EEO plan data.

Analytics & Reporting

In addition to our compliance solution, Members receive a free career site to sample our Recruitment Marketing Solution. Along with the career site, you gain access to a comprehensive analytics platform to track your site’s real-time performance, including:

  • Dashboard Overview: high-level overview at key data points
  • Goal Funnel: the conversion rate from job view to apply button click
  • Traffic Sources: source, or medium, that drives traffic to your site
  • Source/Medium to Apply Click: the source, or medium, leading to apply and microsite clicks
  • Keywords: top 100 keywords that drive traffic to your site or job posting
  • Keyword to Apply Click: keywords that lead to apply and microsite clicks
  • Absolute Unique Visitors: unique, or first-time, visitors to your site per day

Custom reporting features are also available to ensure your site’s data is tracked and composed into a digestible, easy to understand format that can be easily exported to suit your needs. In addition these reports display details on jobs distributed through our vast syndication and partner network.

Surveys & Polls

Sample Survey: High Volume HiringSample question from “High Volume Hiring” survey

To conduct research and gain information on industry best practices, we offer Members the opportunity to participate in a variety of monthly polls and surveys. These polls and surveys allow you to share your opinion on what types of issues and challenges Members are facing, as well as current trends in the workforce. Once the poll and surveys have been completed, the information is analyzed and shared in the Member-exclusive community, Pipeline.

Are you a Member interested in scheduling a survey or poll? Contact our Communications Manager, Kacie Firkins for details or talk to your Member Services Representative.

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