There are several ways to enhance your disability and diversity outreach within the dot jobs network. Intrigued? is loaded with features and utilizes some of the options the .JOBS Network has to offer including:

  • Links such as “Awards and Recognition” and “Healthcare Initiatives” that are relevant to job seekers and may be the encouragement they need to apply.
  • Interactive blue dots on the Billboard – where the image is displayed. Hover over them and you’ll learn more about disability-focused programs, goals and recruiting events.
  • Footer full of links to key Aetna information and tools.

Like what you see? There’s even more you can do…

Just recently, Allstate gathered their top “Allstaters” from all over the country who act as brand ambassadors and spread the good word about Allstate. In an effort to create something unique for their .JOBS site, they invited one hundred ambassadors to submit an “application” for a special project. Thirty five responded and eleven people were chosen for interviews. Check out the video on:

Aetna and Allstate have created unique features on their .JOBS sites. Want to learn more about how you can reach your potential? Call 1-866-268-6206 for ideas tailored to your organization.

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