While the tossed graduation caps have barely settled back into the hands of the next generation of professionals, many will soon find themselves looking for a place to apply their newly learned skills within the workforce. As they begin to seek employment, they will likely hear a phrase heard by many new to the working world, “We’re looking for someone with experience.” Yet, how does one obtain experience when no one is willing to give them a chance? There are a number of reasons why recent graduates may be a great fit for your open positions – even if it defies your initial instinct.

Business Ideals Are Still Fresh
Having just graduated, these young job seekers are in tune with the latest trends and best practices that are needed to bring fresh ideas to the workplace. After all, this is where innovation stems from! They’re also comfortable with technology and social media, which can be an asset.

They’re Ambitious
Do you remember having just graduated college and being excited to make a difference at one lucky organization? Hard working and ambitious, recent grads can be a great addition to your company and have a proven history of bringing high levels of performance productivity.

They’re Shapeable
If there’s one universal ideal that’s ingrained in the brain of a college student, it’s to think outside the box. Not having come from an organization that did things one certain way, there’s no need for them to unlearn old habits. These new hires are ready to be molded to fit your company’s way of doing things, which can be a huge advantage.

Lower Salary Costs
Employing a recent grad allows you to lower the salary bracket for your new hire to entry level. Of course, salary discrimination is still something to be aware of, but with a lower initial expectation on their side, you have the opportunity to commend future achievements with raises and additional benefits that you had originally expected to offer to an experienced hire.

Trial Period Internship
Another option is to hire them as an intern, giving you the opportunity to evaluate their work ethic and abilities before hiring them full time, and giving them valuable experience that they need to advance their career.

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[blockquote cite=”Heather Hoffman, VP Digital Strategy, DirectEmployers Association”]I am a huge proponent of working with recent college graduates. My experience has been that they’re eager to begin their careers and make a positive impact within an organization. Additionally, they bring a fresh perspective to the workforce.[/blockquote]

There are endless other reasons why recent graduates can add value to your company – it’s up to you to give them a chance and see for yourself! Want to make it easier for grads to find your open positions? Become a DirectEmployers Member to have your jobs distributed to keyword-targeted niche sites such as Graduates.jobs and to take advantage of our many partnerships with college and alumni organizations such the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE).

Kacie Koons
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