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Accelerate Your Connection to Individuals with Disabilities

Build connections with a nationwide network of 1,000+ vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors, tap into your local disability talent pool, and drive positive employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities with VocRehab+, your trusted source for hiring.


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VR Counselors

Proprietary connections built through outreach

What is VocRehab+?

VocRehab+ is a tool designed to connect employers and vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors nationwide, all in support of creating positive employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities in competitive integrated employment. This powerful tool combines technology and automation to support daily job delivery to vocational rehabilitation counselors for participating employers. Not only can counselors rely on the accuracy of delivery, but also the high quality of jobs provided.

How it Works

For Employers

Utilize VocRehab+ to automate the delivery of local job listings directly to VR professionals, agencies, and programs. Using this powerful tool, employers gain new contacts in the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) and a direct link to qualified candidates and job seekers with disabilities across the country, U.S. territories, and D.C.

For VR Counselors

Participating VR counselors receive a VocRehab+ email daily, filled with relevant local job openings to share with talent receiving vocational rehabilitation services. This service furthers relationships between employers and VR and helps move the needle forward to increase the employment and advancement of people with disabilities in the workforce.


Strengthen connections to individuals with disabilities

Build relationships with vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors across the nation using the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) as your starting point. From job delivery to documentation and reporting, this recruitment tool accelerates your outreach efforts and helps you fulfill your federal contractor obligations. With this tool, you can:

  • Build relationships with VR counselors and gain access to talent with disabilities to support recruitment and hiring
  • Automate job delivery to over a thousand vetted vocational rehabilitation representatives
  • Generate reports to show job distribution, delivery, and outreach, available in PDF, Excel, and Word formats
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Backed Through Hands-on Experience & Certification

When it comes to providing direction and support, finding a knowledgeable partner with hands-on experience supporting talent with disabilities is essential! Our VocRehab+ team has practical skills and years of experience as a certified vocational rehabilitation counselor, working to create more positive employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities and consult with employers on how they might enable talent with disabilities to be successful in their organization.

Shannon Offord

Shannon Offord

VP, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Christa Martin, MRC, CRC

Christa Martin, MRC, CRC

Disability & Community Outreach Specialist

Be Intentional with Inclusion


Positive employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities starts with intentional outreach and connection. Harness the power of VocRehab+ to see firsthand how these relationships support your recruitment and retention efforts to become an inclusive employer of choice.

Explore the Power of Connections

VR Counselors

Join fellow vocational rehabilitation counselors from around the country who are making purposeful strides forward to establish employer connections and receive daily local job emails – all to help talent with disabilities secure meaningful employment and build their road to independence.