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The DE Talk monthly podcast features honest and open dialogue between powerhouse industry experts on a variety of HR topics ranging from OFCCP compliance advice to emerging recruitment marketing trends, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and insightful solutions that help infuse new life into your HR strategies.

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DE Talk: Ask the OFCCP Experts: What’s to Come in 2020

Season 1 • Episode 4

For government contractors, the regulatory landscape is always changing, and navigating these changes takes a careful understanding of the current requirements and a forward-looking view of what’s ahead. To understand what’s expected in 2020, I sat down with employment law expert John C. Fox of Fox, Wang, & Morgan to identify what you should be doing to prepare yourself for the coming year and how to position your company for successful compliance in 2020!

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DE Talk: Understanding Accessibility for Compliance & Recruitment

Season 1 • Episode 3

Many organizations are working hard to create an inviting culture for individuals with disabilities, but sometimes fall short when it comes to the application process. In this episode, Jennifer Polcer and Ruth Toombs share tips and takeaways for creating an attractive career site that is OFCCP compliant and accessible to all.

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DE Talk: Veteran Underemployment with David Muir

Season 1 • Episode 2

The veteran unemployment rate is now at an all-time low, but studies reveal that nearly ⅓ of veterans are underemployed. To better understand how employers can connect with veteran job seekers, our team sat down with David Muir from Easterseals Veteran Staffing Network to discuss all-things veteran hiring.

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DE Talk: Invisible Disabilities with Haley Moss

Season 1 • Episode 1

With October being National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), we really wanted to hit home with invisible disabilities in the workplace. I sat down with Haley Moss to start a conversation about workplace obstacles, triumphs, and the neurodiverse community.

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