Every organization has a brand, which is known to customers by memorable features such as logos, taglines, jingles, packaging, atmosphere, and more. Having a favorable and recognizable brand is the key to attracting customers to your products or services, but human resources professionals know that all organizations actually have two brands – the second brand being the employer brand. This brand represents what its like to work for an organization and involves much more than just corporate culture in attracting candidates. So how do you diversify yourself to stand out amongst other organizations looking to hire the same top talent? Take a look at some of these DirectEmployers Members’ recruitment marketing initiatives that were submitted during the 3rd Annual DirectEmployers Member Awards Competition.

GE | Recruitment Marketing On Little to No Budget

General_Electric_logo.svgFirst up is GE, who decided to make the most of their minimal budget to create a recruitment marketing strategy that would establish brand ambassadors within their organization to help get the word out. Through quarterly, global trainings and endorsement sessions they were able to target diversity and university recruiting as well as a leadership program to represent the GE brand as a whole. As a result, GE was able to add 50,000+ employees with LinkedIn profiles representing themselves and GE online within one year, making them the largest company on LinkedIn with over 220,000 employee profiles. As a result of their success, GE’s corporate marketing team recognized the need to place a higher priority on marketing the employer brand for 2016, resulting in better-organized and more collaborative efforts for the year.

Phoenix University | Fresh Image, Fresh Recruiting Outreach


Due to negative public perception, our next Member, University of Phoenix, knew it needed to establish a fresh image for their recruiting outreach efforts and ultimately attract the right talent. This involved a redesign of their career pages to include testimonials, improved navigation and a simplified application process through the introduction of their first Applicant Tracking system. They also revamped their LinkedIn company page and their job fair booth concept, increased social media presence and also introduced video interviews. This newly updated system replaced their dated, manual processes and made for an all-around better candidate experience, therefore making their employer brand more favorable in the eyes of the talent.


KPMG | Expanding Reach through Virtual Career Fairs

Our next Member, KPMG, was looking to engage top talent without the time and cost associated with in-person career fairs and networking events, while also making it possible for both active and passive talent to interact with recruiters from anywhere in the world. The solution: a series of targeted, virtual career fairs. Rather than reaching small groups of people within a geographical region at in-person career fairs, KPMG was able to expand their reach internationally across all time zones and niche groups, such as women and military – even having the ability to chat with military service members while on global deployment. The technology platform also allowed the recruiters to showcase their brand more broadly with more information, including videos about KPMG, and showcasing content specific to each candidate’s interests. In the end, the seven virtual career fairs had over 1,600 attendees, 87% of which joined their talent community and applied for positions, ultimately resulting in 40 hires and counting.

Congratulations to these Members on their successful initiatives – we are honored to have so many organizations dedicated to not only supporting the HR industry as a profession, but also in promoting employment, within our membership of 870+ employers! Want to learn about other ways you can improve candidate perception and ultimately attract the talent you are looking for? Explore DirectEmployers’ Recruitment Marketing Solutions that can give you better reach, better experience and total control of your employer brand.




Kacie Koons
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