It’s officially Spring and what better way to freshen up your skills and best practices than through expert and peer-to-peer learning? With DirectEmployers 2017 Annual Meeting & Conference (DEAM17) less than two months away, we’re turning to our awesome Board of Directors to share a little bit more about our conference, what they’re looking forward to and why you (and your whole team) should attend. Let’s meet our panelists and see how they answered a few quick questions.

Why do you come to DEAM?

Rebel Johnson: I know I will always get the most up-to-date information out there! You meet so many people, people doing the same job and dealing with the same problems. Everyone I have ever met is always so willing to share best practices or to follow up later on a call to help.

Jonathan Liepe: I come to DEAM to learn some of the latest trends and advancements in the recruiting industry as well as solution offerings available through our DE membership.

Andy Neill: It’s a fantastic venue to learn what’s really going on in the world of talent acquisition and compliance. Anyone and everyone whose profession revolves around those two areas would benefit greatly from the breakout sessions, networking and presentations.

What makes DEAM a premier HR conference?

Scarlet Pettit: It is the one HR conference in my 15+ years that truly has the best, extremely talented, engaged professionals that want to make a difference.

Eric Airola: DEAM has it all. The content is a nice blend between compliance and recruiting, which is a perfect fit for my particular job as a Senior Director of Human Resources. They have a mix of industry expert and DE Member company presenters, so you get real-world exposure to how other companies are responding to the issues of the day. It isn’t just theory, it’s based on proven results.

Deane Osner: I think it is a premier HR Conference because it offers a wide variety of workshops. Diversity, veteran, disability, EEO/compliance, sourcing, recruitment marketing are all covered. It covers such a breadth of information that I recommend that the whole team attend – that way you are able to get the most information, materials and resources out of the event.

Why do you feel that other practitioners should attend?

Rebel Johnson: I have never failed to come away with something to help our recruiting/compliance process. Don’t just have one person attend the conference, you will miss so much! The cost of this conference for the content…there are no other conferences that offer so much for the price.

Andy Neill: I would offer that practitioners will actually learn what others in their industry are doing to tackle similar talent-related problems that they are facing. Practitioners will also have an easier time developing relationships with industry experts whom are much more accessible and visible at DEAM than they are at various other conferences I’ve attended.

Scarlet Pettit: I have been attending since 2012 and there is always an impressive lineup that focuses on the OFCCP compliance, recruitment marketing, and sourcing challenges that HR professionals face. This is truly the only conference where industry best practices and experience are openly shared. Each year I discover new innovative technology and trends that impact recruiting and OFCCP compliance efforts.

Eric Airola: Not only is the content well done, but the Direct Employers team members go out of their way to make you feel welcome and engaged. The activities are fun, and the opportunities for networking and meeting peers are great. You don’t get pressured by their underwriters, but they’re available if you want to explore new options. This year for DEAM17, we’re bringing 14 people from J.B. Hunt. That’s a record for us! 

What is your most memorable DEAM experience?

Andy Neill: My most memorable experiences at DEAM have come from watching the other Member companies present their case study entries for the Member Awards Competition. For me, watching the innovative practices and solutions unfold by the Members highlighting how they tackle everyday talent attraction and management problems with such creativity and finesse really resonates with me.

Jonathan Liepe: Actually, DEAM has brought forward some incredible keynote speakers in the past and has included some amazing afterhours special events as well. I must say, getting to know the amazing staff at DE every year I’ve attended has been the most memorable.

Scarlet Pettit: To be honest, I don’t have just one. All the great friends and professional connections I have made through my involvement with DEAM and DE continue to be wonderful experiences. In addition, the off-site event for each year’s conference have been phenomenal.

Have we piqued your interest? Register today and join us in Indianapolis May 9-11 at the Crowne Plaza at Historic Union Station as we celebrate the ‘Year of the Candidate’!


Kacie Clark
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