In the continuous search for a diverse and talented workforce, sourcing becomes a major priority. Unfortunately, filling your talent pool with qualified candidates is sometimes easier said than done. Whether you are looking to hire veterans and diverse talent or staff hard-to-fill positions, learning best practices from experts and peers can be the edge that you need to identify, assess and engage the skilled workers that you seek.

DirectEmployers 2017 Annual Meeting & Conference (DEAM17) brings the best and brightest sourcing experts and practitioners to Indianapolis for networking, learning and continuing education opportunities. Take a moment to delve into some of the great sourcing sessions on the agenda and get an inside look at our entire conference!

Why a Dedicated Role in Candidate Care Ensures a Greater Return on Talent

During this informative keynote session, Talent Board co-founder and principal and chief navigator at CareerXroads Gerry Crispin will share insightful Candidate Experience Award­-winning employer research data on the benefits of improving recruiting process and candidate experience.

Presenter: Gerry Crispin

How to Build a Sustainable Talent Acquisition Sourcing Model

Many organizations accumulate enormous cost in agency fees and have a massive drain on human capital because of their inability to find candidates for hard-to-fill roles. One solution to this problem is to build an internal talent acquisition sourcing model that can identify needs within the corporation and develop and execute sourcing strategies that save the organization money while building human capital. Through this presentation you will learn how to build a talent acquisition model that is both efficient and sustainable.

Presenter: Steven Mostyn

Playing to Win: The Diversity Talent Sourcing Playbook

A playbook contains diagrams of play strategy, including which team members are involved in that play so your team can work together toward a common goal. In terms of sourcing, your common goal would be to find top talent and build an extensive candidate pipeline of quality candidates. During this session, Geoff Peterson will guide you “play-by-play” through a playbook that discusses open web sourcing for diversity candidates, as well as strategies for identifying hard-to-find candidates in several fields and job functions. Through this discussion, he will also show you tools, techniques and must-do’s that make you the MVP of the sourcing game.

Presenter: Geoff Peterson

4 Things Every Recruiter Should Be Doing Better

How do you find, engage and close top talent? Take your skill level from average to ninja as Social Talent’s Johnny Campbell teaches you how to quickly source four times more, high quality candidates, while also improving the volume of quality candidates you attract with your job ads. He will also walk you through how to triple your candidate response rate and double the amount of quality candidates you close for an interview.

Presenter: Johnny Campbell

Universal Truths and Techniques about Candidate Sourcing

Strategic sourcing requires unique skills and tools to process an ever-growing data stream. To help ensure efficiency is achieved, join this session as expert Eric Jaquith discusses three simple, but vital sourcing techniques that can be applied to almost any resume database or applicant tracking system currently used by your recruiting teams. While approaching boolean logic from a nontraditional angle, Eric will show how to speed up your searches and resume review by hacking the highlighter, tricking the relevant sort functionality, and dividing your results into high engagement priority sets. You will leave with tools that will make sourcing faster the moment you return to your desk.

Presenter: Eric Jaquith

We invite you to join us as we explore sourcing, recruitment marketing and OFCCP compliance in a collaborative environment for human resources professionals of all experience levels. What are you waiting for? Register today and help us celebrate ‘The Year of the Candidate’!

Kacie Clark
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