This summer we’ve been highlighting some amazing organizations like Colorado Springs Utilities and HD Supply, who won 2016 DirectEmployers Member Awards and today we’re putting the spotlight on our second recruitment marketing winner, Penske. Penske had a focus on hiring for their Sales & Operations Management Trainee (MT) program and felt that they were missing the mark with their marketing efforts. Fast forward a few months, extensive research efforts and collaborations later and Penske had successfully launched a brand new recruitment marketing campaign with positive results. Let’s learn a little more about this award-winning initiative!

With the need to hire 350-400 new management trainees each year, Penske began developing and implementing new tools and resources to improve pre-hire assessments and interviewing but with a waning interest in the program, questions began to emerge about the branding, messaging and channels being used to promote it. After receiving some telling feedback from recent hires, Penske formed a project team comprised of representatives from HR, Rental and Marketing to research and develop a new recruitment marketing campaign that would promote a message potential candidates would connect with.

How would they achieve it? The first step was to conduct research to determine where they may need improvement. This called for an evaluation of two years worth of previously collected survey data, as well as the need to hold both a MT recruitment summit and focus group to collect additional information. The next step was to work with DirectEmployers, as well as third-party employment brand agency, CKR Interactive, to design a new recruitment marketing site. With a modern and more robust concept via new messaging and imagery, Penske launched which pushed website views up 500% from their old site. The final step was a social media campaign which also increased traffic from their social media channels to the new site by 20%.

The campaign was overall well received, both internally and externally and as a result, Penske was able to achieve increased applicant pools with more diverse, higher quality candidates. Job well done, guys! Looking to evaluate your own recruitment marketing efforts? Learn more about our Recruitment Marketing Solutions and contact a Digital Strategist to see how we can help!

Kacie Clark
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