The year is wrapping up, but our Roosters are holding steady and successfully helped a whole new flock of Members expand upon their recruitment marketing efforts last month. From complete re-brands to feature upgrades, our team is dedicated to listening to employers’ needs and “cracking the egg” to ensure their career site visions come to fruition. Just take a look at what was accomplished in November alone!

Stratolaunch: Military Crosswalk

Like many employers, Stratolaunch places an emphasis on military hiring but battles the job seeker challenges that most face: a difficulty in translating their military skill to civilian skill. If you recall from last month’s blog post, we shared a little bit about Stratolaunch’s multi-phase approach to revamping their career site with the launch of a recruitment video by our Creative Services team. The next step was to implement a military crosswalk tool that helps job seekers find positions that may be a good fit for them, based on what they did in the military. The job seeker simply inputs their Military Occupation Code (MOC) and the system automatically presents open positions that require similar skill and experience. To further show their commitment to hiring veterans, they also chose to display information on their partnership with Wounded Warrior Project and a testimonial from a military employee. We salute you for your veteran hiring efforts, Stratolaunch!

See their veterans site here:

Robert Half: Whole Career Site Rebrand

Ready for a revamp, Robert Half added bold imagery and a clean navigation bar to their career site, clearly calling attention to their open positions.

The rebrand extended from their core career site to their veterans site, which not only features a Military Crosswalk, but an added search filter which allows job seekers to search a drop-down menu of positions sorted by military title. Hats off to Robert Half!

Explore their sites: and

Penske: Accessibility Updates

Disability hiring is another top initiative for both national and global employers alike. Not only are on-the-job accommodations a must for attracting diverse individuals to your organization, so is having an accessible career site. To ensure that individuals with disabilities can easily browse and navigate their site, including those with hearing and visual impairments, Recruit Rooster made some updates to Penske’s existing management trainee career site to ensure easier adoption of accessibility software. Keep up the great work, Penske!

See the difference here:

CenturyLink: D&I Microsite

Talk about an attractive microsite! Bright colors, bold imagery, and informative videos give job seekers an inside look at working for CenturyLink through this microsite built with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Information on the company’s Belonging Philosophy, unifying principals and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are displayed above the fold, followed by details of their D&I committee and diversity awards. Way to stand out, CenturyLink!

Check out the CenturyLink D&I site:

Sage Hospitality: Job Map Implementation

Like many employers, Sage Hospitality hires for positions all over the country. What they were lacking was a simple way to display those national job openings visually. Enter the Recruit Rooster Job Map! At a glance, the interactive map shows the number of jobs per state. Click on a state and the map zooms in, showing the number of jobs in each city within that state. Zoom in again to you will be taken to specific job listings for that area, which can then be filtered by property, title or position type. Way to put it on the map, Sage Hospitality!

See the shiny new map:

Those Roosters sure work quickly! Like what you see? Our team would love to do the same for you! Check out the website and feel free to reach out to discover how we can help you achieve your recruitment marketing goals in the New Year!

Kacie Clark
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