With a fresh outlook on the new year, many employers are searching for tools to increase candidate experience and advance recruitment marketing efforts–and Recruit Rooster has just the solutions they seek. Last month we had four new sites fly the coop, making for a great start to the year. Check out these golden eggs and learn a little bit more about the many features available to be implemented on your shiny new career site!


As a federal contractor, Zurich knows the importance of military and veteran hiring–not just for compliance obligations but for the benefits these skilled individuals bring to their workforce. Aside from having a veteran-focused URL, this site rebrand added fresh imagery, content and resources targeted toward military job seekers. The job search feature also includes the military crosswalk tool, allowing potential candidates to find careers that are suited to their service experience, or military occupation specialty/code (MOS/MOC).

Check out the site: https://zurichna-veterans.jobs/


Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) kept their veteran site rebrand simple and moved the job search functionality to the top of the page. Straight to the good stuff! This job tool also features the military crosswalk functionality and includes a filter on the left-hand side with a dropdown that features a list of military titles for the veteran to choose from. What a site to see (pun intended)!

See the site: https://tiaa-veterans.jobs/

Troops to Energy

This site, by the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD), is dedicated to helping veterans make a successful transition to a career in the energy industry. To supplement their helpful career resources, they reached out to the Roosters to create and manage a dedicated career site. Along with the already established military crosswalk function, the site also implemented the radius search function. While military servicemembers are no stranger to relocation, it’s nice to give them the power to target their search close to home, their military base or other desired area.

Peruse the site: https://troopstoenergy.jobs/

Service Corporation International (SCI)

Finding a job with reasonable commute time is important to many job seekers. SCI also added the search radius functionality to their site, in conjunction with the interactive job map, to give job seekers more options for finding jobs in their locality with ease.

Have a recruitment marketing problem you just can’t crack? Contact the team to share your problem and we’ll peck around until we have a solution. Stay tuned for some really cool site rebrands, coming soon!

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