If you aren’t following us on social media, you are missing out on some great news articles filled with statistics, tips and best practices that could help you in your day-to-day as a human resources professional. Previously shared in the form of an Industry News Aggregator email, we have flipped the script and turned this monthly digest into a blog post to inform our readers of the latest news that we think they need to know about. Take a look at these great articles from the month of September and check back next month for another round!


Remembering Bill Warren: Innovator & HR Industry Icon

Of course, the most noteworthy news for us, was the passing of our founder, Bill Warren. Many may not realize that he was known as the Father of Online Recruiting, starting the first-ever online job board, which later became the technology that powered Monster.com. He went on to create DirectEmployers in 2001, with only 14 Member companies, and it has grown to over 910 today! Learn a little more about him and see what some of our executives say are their favorite memories of him in this blog post.



The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs of the Next Decade–and What They Pay

The fastest-growing job over the next decade sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. Here’s what it is and what it pays, plus nine more jobs we can expect to see grow over the next ten years.



The Dangers of Hiring for Cultural Fit

We’ve been hearing a lot about hiring for “cultural fit” lately, but there are worries about its impact on diversity as employers aim to hire people they think will be a good fit. Unfortunately, their efforts can easily veer into a ditch when new hires all look, think, and act alike.



13 Common Human Resources Complaints (and How Companies Can Deal with Them)

Human Resources professionals are no stranger to problems, and often see a variety of them come through their department on a weekly–or even daily–basis. While some are unique, a number of them fall into an easily-defined category. See what the Forbes Human Resources Council believes to be the 13 most common complaints, and how you can deal with them before they escalate.



Being ‘Indistractable’ Will be a Skill of the Future

With busy work and personal lives, and increasingly pervasive technology, it’s easy to be distracted in this day and age. But, as times change, the workforce will follow suit. Here’s how the difference between traction and distraction could transform your productivity, making it a highly sought-after skill in the future.



Singer Who is Blind and Has Autism Wins America’s Got Talent

Let’s end on a heartwarming note! We shared this article a few weeks ago and got so many likes, comments and shares, we knew it had to go in this roundup post! Learn a little more about Kodi Lee and watch the video to see his amazing talent shine through.


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