October FLEW by and our Roosters were as busy as ever, crafting clever content on social media (did you see their 13 Days of Cock-a-doodle-BOO series?!) and launching career sites. Last month they brought a handful of new, rebranded and updated sites to the web and they are some real beauties! Check out this fab five and be sure to reach out to the team to see how they can turn your career site into a golden egg.




Immediately greeted with an image composed of hundreds of tiny thumbnail images of their employees, the Frontdoor career site boldly displays its strong corporate culture. Scrolling down the page you learn more about the company values, various career areas and compelling images of the Frontdoor office space. Looks like a great place to work! The job search navigation at the top of the page also shows their dedication to military hiring with a “veterans search” button, which takes the candidate to a dedicated page displaying featured jobs for veteran skill sets. Lookin’ good, Frontdoor!


Honey Baked Ham


The new Honey Baked Ham career site takes a simpler approach, keeping the homepage focus on the good stuff: ham jobs! Followed by info on career areas and corporate values, the top job search function even includes a link that highlights seasonal jobs available this holiday season. What a great way to promote these temporary positions to those looking to make extra cash this time of year! In addition to the homepage, this site features secondary pages focusing on the company background, benefits, locations and career areas. Congrats on the new site!


IMI Precision Engineering


The IMI Precision Engineering career site underwent a rebrand last month and we have to say, we reengineered it to perfection (pun intended)! Below a basic search function, complete with a link for veterans jobs, this site also includes an interactive jobs map, featured career areas, recently added jobs, as well as information on graduate opportunities. There’s even a video interview with an actual employee regarding her experience with an IMI Precision Engineering career. The flexible template blends seamlessly with their corporate site allowing candidates to move back and forth between the career site and informational pages on the corporate site, including news, history, and more.


Burns & McDonnell – 1898 & Co.


The first new brand in the firm’s history, 1898 & Co. has a number of new positions to fill and is on the hunt for talent! This simple site focuses solely on the job search, with a featured career area and advanced filters to search by geographic location or title. The top search function also includes an interactive jobs map, as well as a direct link to their talent community. Looks sharp! Check out the new 1898 & Co. career site to see for yourself!




With an increased focus on military hiring, Textron dedicates an entire page on their career site to veterans. This page features testimonials from military employees, military stats (did you know that 17% of their U.S. employees are veterans?! Wow!), but it still seemed to be missing something. That’s where the Recruit Rooster military skills translator widget comes in! Simplifying the job search for veteran candidates by translating their military occupation code into relevant civilian jobs, this widget takes this military hiring page to the next level. Take a moment to view the Textron military careers page in all its glory.


Congrats to these employers on their new, rebranded and updated career sites! If you’re interested in learning more about what they can do for your recruitment marketing efforts, visit the Recruit Rooster website–and check back next month for another round of sites that are currently in the works!

Kacie Koons
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