It’s day 22 of the DirectEmployers ‘Work from Home Quarantine’ and much like everyone else, we’re all doing our best to keep busy and make the most of the time we have at home with our families. It might be tough and we may not always enjoy it, but it’s for the best and we will continue to do our part to promote health and safety in our local communities! With that said, we asked our staffers to submit a photo or video of what they’re doing to “stay sane” while on quarantine and the responses were quite diverse. Take a look at the photos and videos below and tell us in the comments: how are you keeping busy during this temporary lock down?


DE Quarantine Fun


We received a few “live action” shots, as well. Scroll down for dancing, live music and the cutest baby you’ll see all day!


Kacie & Jonathan

Hal Cooper

Tejaswini Gutti

Kacie Clark
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