Ensuring that your DirectEmployers membership remains a valuable part of your HR toolkit requires that we make continual updates and improvements to our products for your benefit. Back in February, we introduced a revamp of our Analytics tool within DE.works, which made it easier than ever to get a comprehensive view of your jobs and their performance. Over the last few months, as users embraced these updates, our Product Development team worked behind the scenes to monitor usage behaviors and have coupled that with Member feedback to make even more beneficial changes to the user interface. Let’s dive into what’s new with Job View Analytics.

Previously, when navigating to the Analytics tool, you were first presented with a view that displayed all columns and data points. To make this tool easier to use, we have changed the default view to populate based on a field labeled “Found On,” which indicates the site where a particular job was found. This gives you a broad view of your syndication performance, with the option to add criteria to narrow your view until you have the data you need. The power of analytics is in trends, so this new view begins with a broader approach, giving you access to big picture trend data right from the start.

To narrow or expand your data search, simply click the “Show/Hide” controls to the left of each search criteria option to add or remove it from your view. You can also click on a particular column to isolate your view to solely that column, without removing any selected criteria from the hidden columns. In addition, the “Customize Display” button has been renamed to “Columns” and when clicked will show you which columns, if any, are currently hidden.

We hope you will find benefit in these updates and continue to provide us the valuable feedback that we need to improve our tools and applications! Feel free to log in to DE.works and check out these changes in Analytics for yourself–and don’t hesitate to let our membership team know if you have any questions or comments!

Kacie Clark
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