Outreach is essential for establishing a diverse and inclusive workforce, and in turn, keeping record of these outreach efforts becomes vital for remaining in compliance with OFCCP regulations. Since launching DirectEmployers’ Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) back in 2014, our Members have since found it to be invaluable in their compliance toolbox and our Product Development team has continually made updates to ensure it has the features users want and need. Back in November 2021, we introduced big changes to the PRM application interface and usability. Today, we are reporting on even more exciting interface changes sure to make your outreach tracking process quicker than ever.

So, what’s new?

At-A-Glance Details Added to Partner View

You may remember that when clicking on a partner from the Partners tab, you were immediately shown a list of communication records. To make it easier to quickly view partner information, you will now instead be shown an overview of all contacts for that particular partner and their communication activity. This includes phone, email, locations, tags, recent activity, and even notes made by the user who connected with the partner. Previously, this information could only be found by generating a report. This is great news for account admins looking to keep an eye on activity being tracked by their users. In addition, users can now quickly edit contact information and add new contacts from this view for additional ease of use. It’s a win for everyone!

Communication Records Now Easier to Track

Clicking on the Communications Record tab within a partner will now also display at-a-glance details. This includes the contact’s information, name of the user who created the record, the last date of the communication, and the communication type. Similar to the partner overview updates, these changes make it easier for account admins to keep track of activity, see which of their users are conducting the most outreach, and ensure the proper types of outreach are being conducted.

Whether you’re the admin of your PRM account, a regular user, or just getting started, we encourage you to log in to DE.works to see these updates in action–and feel free to share your feedback! We’re always looking to hear from our Members on what they like about our products and what features they’d like to see implemented in the future.

Kacie Koons
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