Thanks to an agile production cycle, our product development team is always working to make our products and tools more streamlined and easier to use. Over the last few years, we’ve begun implementing single sign-on (SSO), which integrates all DirectEmployers and Recruit Rooster products under one set of login credentials where previously, each required separate usernames and passwords. We are excited to announce that our developers can now implement your organization’s single sign-on system so you can log in with your already established credentials – thus, one less password to remember!

Ilustration of a cloud with a user icon and lock shown above DEworks, DE Connect, NLx Career Events logos and a text bubble that reads "Your Organization's tools"How does it work?

After a quick call with your technical team, our developers will set up your native SSO integration as a trusted identity provider within our system that authenticates your established credentials when logging in to our platforms such as DE Connect,, and more. From here, you will be prompted to log in with your company’s SSO information when accessing our tools.

What are the benefits?

Not only is this one less password to remember on your end, but there are security benefits, as well. With this setup, your organization can establish the password requirements and frequency of reset based on their own security standards and can remove user access as needed.

Who can take advantage?

Member organizations who already implement SSO for their own internal systems are eligible for setup. Most identity providers are supported, but some restrictions may apply.

This new membership add-on is great for organizations both large and small, with packages available to fit your unique needs. Want to learn more or get started with setup? Reach out to your membership team to start the conversation!

Kacie Koons
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