July is a month of celebration and reflection as we come together to honor Disability Pride Month. This celebration is a time to expand the visibility of the disability community, combat negative views, and acknowledge the community’s challenges. Disability Pride Month reminds us that just as all disabilities are not visible, neither is the essence of who we are as individuals. Diversity in our abilities extends beyond what we can see with our eyes and encompasses everything that makes us unique.

One of the fundamental aspects of Disability Pride Month is challenging the perception that people with disabilities are less capable or deserving. Society has often measured individuals against narrow standards of “normalcy,” inadvertently marginalizing those who do not fit into these predefined categories. However, disability pride asserts that everyone has inherent value, regardless of their abilities. It urges us to recognize that a disability does not define a person’s entire identity; it is merely one part of one individual.

We all live within our own unique intersectionality, ranging anywhere from being a cat person or a dog person or a coffee drinker versus a tea enthusiast, in tandem with aspects of working preferences (group work vs. solo work). Each person’s individual combination of characteristics is what creates diversity, reminding us that diversity is not limited to visible characteristics – it encompasses our interests, passions, and ways of being in the world. We all have unique “barcodes” representing the complex web of our identities.

When discussing disabilities along with diversity, it is essential to recognize that it extends beyond physical appearances and abilities. Our experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and learning styles are equally significant contributors to the rich soils of diversity. Disability Pride Month encourages us to appreciate the multifaceted nature of diversity and acknowledge the unique perspectives that individuals with disabilities bring to the table.

Diversity is not a one-time accomplishment but a continuous process that evolves throughout our lifetime. Everyone we encounter brings exclusive experiences and perspectives, shaping our understanding of the world. Disability Pride Month represents our year-round dedication to amplifying the voices of the disability community. In doing so, we can continue challenging societal norms, breaking down barriers, and creating a more accepting and inclusive world for all. Let us honor the resilience and strength of the disability community, not just in July, but throughout the year.

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Mikey Meagher
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