to Leverage iLogos Research to Ensure its Member Companies Effectively Attract and Communicate with Job Seekers and Efficiently Process Candidate Information Online

Indianapolis, IN, May 30, 2002 – E-Recruiting Association, a non-profit organization formed by executives from leading U.S. corporations, today announced that, the Internet’s first cooperative, employer-owned search engine dedicated exclusively to employment, has finalized an agreement with iLogos Research, the leading research and consulting firm covering online human capital management (HCM) trends and best practice methodologies, to provide select iLogos research and best practice studies to its member companies. Ray Schreyer, president of E-Recruiting Association, made the announcement.
“One of the E-Recruiting Association’s key objectives is to keep its membership informed about state of the art technologies and best practices and allow them to share this information with human resource professionals responsible for human capital management and the employment processes,” said Mr. Schreyer. “iLogos has been providing primary data trends and analysis about effective online recruiting and staffing practices since 1997, and we are thrilled to offer our members information about job seeker preferences, best recruiting practices and applications to help them more efficiently find, attract and retain the most qualified talent.”
Founder and President of iLogos Research Yves Lermusiaux stated, “Web site traffic is critical to the success of an organization’s corporate Internet recruiting and DirectEmployers helps to enhance this process by linking jobseekers directly to multiple, leading Corporate Careers Web sites. Once these potential employees are connected to the appropriate Web site, corporations should then do everything in their power to effectively optimize the experience of the interested party.”
Mr. Lermusiaux added, “Our research not only focuses on best practices for the Corporate Careers Web site – the front end – but also discusses the integration of sophisticated back-end features and functionality to effectively manage important Internet benefits relating to staffing, such as pre-screening. We believe that our research offering will provide the E-Recruiting Association members with the business intelligence strategies they need to optimize human capital assets and bring significant savings to the bottom-line for their respective companies.”
About DirectEmployers: is the only worldwide employment search engine owned and managed by a non-profit employer association. The company is unique in its ability to provide comprehensive employment, outplacement and networking tools, which directly link employers and job seekers. Direct Employers uses proprietary indexing technology, which provides a direct connection to the employer’s career site, making the employer web site the primary recruiting tool, thus allowing the job seeker to apply directly through the employer’s unique application process. To view DirectEmployers, visit
About iLogos Research:
iLogos Research analyzes best practices and innovative information technologies to provide intelligence, strategies, financial models and results-based consulting for large corporations, to optimize the assignment of human capital assets. The research-driven consulting practice produces primary data on industry trends, impact of new technologies, best practice methodologies and benchmarking to provide fundamental metrics and recommend intelligence-based actions. Published reports and studies include Trends in the Fortune 500 Careers Web Site Recruiting; Best Practices for European 500 Career Web Site Recruiting; Perception vs. Reality: Jobseeker Behavior Online; Best Practices for Fortune 500 Career Web Site Recruiting; Global 500 Web Site Recruiting Surveys; Lessons from the Global 500, 1999; and Achieving Results with Internet Recruiting, 1998. Founded in 1997 as iLogos Internet Intelligence, iLogos Research today is recognized as the most rigorous source of data for human capital Internet-related issues.
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