Symplicity Corporation added to four-year alliance already existing between NACE and DirectEmployers Association and participating schools and employers

Indianapolis, IN – Wednesday, April 12, 2006 – DirectEmployers Association, The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), and Symplicity Corporation have jointly announced the addition of Symplicity, an advanced technology provider for higher education and government, to the four-year alliance already existing between NACE and DirectEmployers Association and participating schools and employers.
This new collaboration, the NACElink Network, brings together the best that NACE, DirectEmployers Association, and Symplicity have to offer:
  • NACE provides the strength and credibility of the national professional association, connecting colleges and employers, the primary users of the NACElink system. With its ongoing commitment to excellence, NACE will continue to deliver high-quality training and service to those currently participating in NACElink, more than 550 schools and 150,000 employers, and those that will choose to join the NACElink Network in the future. Your nonprofit professional association will continue to manage the system with the deepest commitment to the principles that originally gave rise to the development of NACElink.
  • DirectEmployers Association offers the strength of its broad-based employer membership and its web-based technology tools, driving millions of jobs into the NACElink system. DirectEmployers serves employers nationally and internationally, and has gained a well-earned reputation for dedicating its services to the needs of recruiting employers. In the four years of alliance with NACE and the schools using NACElink, DirectEmployers has proven its commitment to supporting the connection between career services offices and employers.
  • Symplicity brings proven technical expertise to provide all NACElink Network end users with a greater array of state-of-the-art web-based tools and software solutions. Symplicity’s Next Generation career services solutions include Career Services Manager, Career Fair Manager, Student Tracking System, Credentials System, and Student Portfolio, as well as specialized software and tools for on-campus recruiting, customer management, reporting, and communications. Symplicity shares a commitment with NACE and DirectEmployers for ensuring the privacy of student data, allowing no commercial marketing to students or employers, and focusing on the career center as the provider of jobs and connections to employers.
Vanessa A. Strauss, 2005-06 NACE President says, “Together, our alliance will deliver a national recruiting network and suite of web-based recruiting and career services automation tools that continue to reflect the needs and desires of its users and feature the flexibility and technical strength needed to meet and anticipate new challenges.”
We invite you to join the colleges and employers who are already part of the NACElink Network: For more information, please visit or contact

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JobCentral to Post Member-Company Jobs to Google Base

Member-company job listings will be automatically
posted to Google Base from their corporate web sites

Indianapolis, IN Tuesday, March 14 – DirectEmployers Association, a non-profit consortium of over 200 leading U.S. employers which owns and operates the JobCentral National Employment Network ( today announced that member-company job listings are being automatically posted from their corporate web sites to the jobs section of the recently released Google Base site.
“JobCentral already affords employers a broad range of employment services; however, we want to dramatically expand job listing distribution for our member companies,” says Bill Warren, Executive Director of the Association. “Google Base provides an exciting new resource for our member companies and for employment recruiters nationwide.”
Warren continued, “A recent industry research study of hiring practices at leading U.S. companies by Booz Allen Hamilton revealed that Internet sources produced 51% of all hires in 2005 with the largest source of hires being the employers’ own corporate web sites. Our mission is to assist employers in optimizing their company career sites while helping them leverage their own corporate brands. Google Base fits this strategy perfectly.”
About DirectEmployers Association:
DirectEmployers Association is a non-profit consortium of over 200 leading U.S. corporations which own and operate the JobCentral National Employment Network. The Association is managed by Bill Warren, widely recognized as the founder of Internet recruiting and former president of
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