FOX CT and The Hartford Courant power which serves as “Connecticut’s home page” providing news, events and weather in Connecticut. A new series titled “Hire Ground” was created to help the community find that next job and opportunity. CT JobCentral, powered by DirectEmployers Association, was included the “Searching For A Job Online” segment as seen below.

Searching For A Job Online | 2/8


View the original article on or view a transcript of the CT JobCentral portion of the story below.

“The first website I want to feature is called Connecticut JobCentral. What makes this very interesting and unique…it does a some of what a lot of the traditional things that job boards do. Both create employee accounts and job seeker accounts. But this one was created by employers all over the country. They created this consortium a nonprofit HR consortium of leading global employers who are just kind of helping people, and help themselves, get the word out that they’re looking to hire people. And here’s the list of all the companies that are associated with this particular job board. I mean that’s impressive. I mean it looks like almost every company in the United States is hooked up somehow to this particular job board. They may not all have jobs at the same time, but you can see that there is an interest for employers to connect with people who are looking for opportunities out there.”

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