DirectEmployers Association announces the launch of DirectEmployers Foundation, an ongoing mission to provide easy accessibility to job seekers and free listing options to employers.

INDIANAPOLIS, February 28, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — DirectEmployers Association launched the DirectEmployers Foundation, a 501(c)(3) educational and scientific nonprofit, dedicated to the rapid development of game-changing open source job search and career marketing tools.

Over the past decade, DirectEmployers Association has created new, innovative products to keep its members on the forefront of compliance and recruiting. “As technology continues to drive change in today’s human resources market, it’s important to remain ahead of the curve,” stated DirectEmployers Executive Director Bill Warren.

According to Rick Wehrle, former Architect and Vice President of Product Development, the solution of moving forward was simple: “The Open Source model is defined by sharing code in a way that benefits everyone involved. By integrating the Open Source model, we are adopting a proven model for driving change and advancing the state of the art.” When combined with a nonprofit foundation, “open source projects are able to marshal the resources, people and mind share they need to create new standards and break down walls that are holding back progress. In this case, those walls are driving up the cost of making hires and making it incredibly difficult for employers to find talent. It’s 2012. It should cost employers virtually nothing to find an employee, and it should not cost job seekers anything, in terms of time and money to find a job.”

The Foundation is comprised of top user experience engineers and developers who share the same ideals and a strong commitment to open-source technology development. While still in it’s early stages, the Foundation has already made an impact with the release of the new mobile functionality brought to and the .JOBS Career Microsites at the beginning of February. “Having a development team that understands how to stay on the forefront of technology is instrumental in the success of any business,” continued Warren.

In 2012, the Foundation team will focus on building the base for a new generation of career marketing tools. These tools include an API that allows job search and job postings to be added anywhere, development of a foreign language support feature and additional job distribution tools. All of these new features look to protect job seeker privacy without adding any cost to employers within the DirectEmployers member network. In terms of social media integration, the Foundation also seeks to develop a method of incorporating a job seeker’s digital footprint so employers sifting through resumes can see a candidate’s online persona.

About DirectEmployers Association

DirectEmployers Association is a leading HR consortium of global employers that was formed to assist in the sharing of ideas, incorporating of best practices, and research and development of technology where labor practices are concerned. Through this consortium business standards are shaped and technology is used with respect to the diversity that is reflected in the various cultures embodied in a global workforce. Our recognized expertise in compliance, recruitment and cost effective technology enables our members to reach the largest, most diverse pool of quality job seekers worldwide.

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