DirectEmployers Association Venture Modeled After Success of US .JOBS with Over Twelve Million Visitors per Month.

The following press release was authored by Employ Media and was originally posted on April 8, 2013.

BEIJING, Apr 08, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The .JOBS Universe, the first-ever coordinated use of a TLD specifically for job seekers and employers, is expanding into China. Any employer in China will now be able to list their job openings at web sites representing major cities, such as and, and occupations, such as (automobile) and (hotel). This will create a centralized production and distribution environment that will realize new efficiencies for Chinese employers and job seekers alike.

The announcement was made today by Tom Embrescia, Chairman of .JOBS (, Bill Warren, Executive Director of DirectEmployers Association (, Weiming Hong, Director of the China Youth Center for International Exchange, Bin Wang, Chairman and General Manager of CRTV Media, and Dr. Renjun Bao, CEO of CN Jobs Technology Co, LTD ( at a press conference at Peking University in Beijing. CRTV will partner with DirectEmployers and CN Jobs to reach tens of millions of users utilizing their media presence throughout China. The China Youth Center will focus on bringing awareness of the new service to millions of university students, with particular emphasis on internships.

Launched in the US in 2011, the .JOBS Universe has proven to reduce costs to employers while bringing needed efficiencies to job seekers. In the US alone, the .JOBS Universe includes over 120,000 employers publishing over one million jobs on a daily basis. DirectEmployers, a leading human resources trade association, serves the central role of distributing these jobs. The .JOBS TLD, including company-specific sites such as and, attracts over 12 million jobseekers per month. Since January 2011, the number of .JOBS sites indexed by search engines has increased to well over 50 million.

The launch in China will model this approach, with DirectEmployers and CN Jobs distributing jobs of Chinese companies to the appropriate Chinese employer, geographic or occupational web sites each ending in .JOBS.

“With the increasing number of available jobs in China, the .JOBS model will provide Chinese employers a cost effective, centralized and branded means for recruiting a growing pool of jobseekers,” commented Mr. Embrescia. “We are thrilled at the bold initiative of this venture between DirectEmployers, Dr. Bao, CRTV and the China Youth Center for International Exchange.”

Says Mr. Warren, former president of “Over 200 million job seekers are now using search engines to locate job opportunities, instead of relying on job boards and aggregators. By creating their own .JOBS website, such as, employers have capitalized on this trend and increased their career site traffic by over three hundred percent. We are confident that Chinese employers will see similar results.”

“We are honored to be part of the expansion of .JOBS,” comments Dr. Bao, who heads up the venture in China. “With the China Youth Center’s participation and CRTV’s mass market reach, .JOBS will provide an easy-to-use platform connecting China’s university students with many open positions and internships throughout China.”

About .JOBS
Launched in 2006, .JOBS is the world’s premier Top Level Domain for web sites containing jobs listings. Popular sites include company-specific sites such as and, and regional/occupational sites such as,,, and

About DirectEmployers Association
DirectEmployers Association is a leading human resource trade association whose mission includes providing an employment network that is cost-effective, improves labor market efficiency and reaches an ethnically diverse national and international workforce. DirectEmployers created the .JOBS Universe in 2011 to serve employers, jobseekers, human resource practitioners and the international human resource community.

About CN Jobs Technology Co, LTD
CN Jobs is a venture headquartered in Beijing, China working in cooperation with CRTV and the China Youth Center for International Exchange. The partnership’s mission is to bring the efficiencies of the .JOBS Universe to employers and jobseekers in China through a mass network of targeted, intuitive sites such as, and

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