Today is Veterans Day, a holiday to honor those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Men and women who sacrificed time with their families, comfort of their home and favorite foods, and sometimes their lives.

Our run of “I can… because of your service to our country” messages may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean the gratitude ends today. We will continue to show our thanks through volunteer activities, donations, partnerships and our work on

In addition, we hope that our followers choose to send their own personal message of thanks. When veterans search #ICanBecauseofVets, we want them to find not just the eleven videos we produced but YOURS.

Veterans, thank you for your service and sacrifice! May we never forget that freedom is not free.

Here is our Veterans Day montage from our staff and families:

Here were the submissions from November 1-10:
11/1/2014 Kacie
11/2/2014 Lynk
11/3/2014 Greg
11/4/2014 Eric
11/5/2014 Lis
11/6/2014 Katie
11/7/2014 Jaime
11/8/2014 Nancy
11/9/2014 Ruth
11/10/2014 Drew

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