Member company Vantiv is the nation’s largest PIN debit acquirer (The Nilson Report, March 2013) and one of the nation’s fastest growing technology firms. You might not realize it, but they’ve driven many of the changes that prompted the shift from cash to electronic payments.

Vantiv is also an innovator when it comes to customization and social media recruiting. Director of Recruiting Tom Poole sat down with us and discussed how the company developed a highly social recruiting model that has increased referrals, reduced agency spend and increased quality without adding headcount or incurring additional costs:

Key Takeaways:

  • Look for ways to integrate social media into every aspect of your recruiting process. Vantiv has done this and seen dramatic results.
  • Leverage current talent to find new talent.
  • Customize every form of candidate communication from your ATS and included links, information and requests to join of follow on social networks. Vantiv has driven a lot of growth with this approach and been able to word communication in a much more respectful way to the applicant.
  • How you communicate has a significant impact on how you’re perceived.

What else would you recommend for social media and customization? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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