DirectEmployers to enable sitecues by Ai Squared zoom and speech functionality to its disability-focused sites to provide more support to job search candidates with impairments, while also giving recruiters access to a larger pool of potential applicants.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, March 24, 2015 –– DirectEmployers Association, a leading nonprofit provider of OFCCP compliance and recruitment marketing solutions, announces it has partnered with sitecues by Ai Squared to enhance job-searching capabilities for individuals with disabilities. Through this collaboration, DirectEmployers will now offer employers the opportunity to enhance their disability-focused job portals with zoom and speech capabilities, making employment opportunities more accessible for people with vision or language barriers.

“Much of our membership is comprised of federal contractors who are actively looking to go above and beyond the OFCCP regulations that they are obligated to comply with,” commented Bill Warren, Executive Director of DirectEmployers Association. “By enabling sitecues tools on their disability-focused sites, our members will have the ability to improve their site accessibility and provide further proof of positive recruitment measures.”

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, individuals with disabilities often have a difficult time entering and remaining in the U.S. workforce and experience nearly twice the rate of unemployment as people without a disability–12.3% compared to 6.4%. Overall, only 19.6% of people with disabilities are represented in the workforce. The turnkey SaaS product, sitecues by Ai Squared, was developed to improve these statistics and website accessibility by easily integrating intuitive zoom and speech functionality into existing websites. By partnering with numerous employers and organizations, sitecues continues to improve web access for countless people who are blind or who have low vision problems or other difficulties with print language.

“We are thrilled to partner with DirectEmployers to empower those who have low or no vision to be a full part of the workforce,” said Marc Zablatsky, Vice President and General Manager of sitecues by Ai Squared.

The sitecues badge found on the Association’s disability job portal,

About DirectEmployers Association
DirectEmployers is an employer-owned association focusing on talent acquisition and OFCCP compliance that utilizes its technology and thought leadership to amplify job visibility and employment brand, facilitate partnerships to meet EEO/AA goals and provide proof of job delivery.

About sitecues by Ai Squared
sitecues by Ai Squared is a SaaS accessibility product that builds zoom and speech capabilities right into websites, so people with low vision other visual and print difficulties can more easily see and hear content. Over the past 20 years, Ai Squared has been the worldwide leader in assistive technology solutions for people with visual impairments. The product line is available in more than 20 languages and sold in 45 countries through a network of over 350 global distributors. Ai Squared’s screen magnification and screen reading products dramatically improve a computer’s usability and friendliness for users who are blind or low vision, raising their productivity, satisfaction, and independence. In addition to sitecues, Ai Squared products include ZoomText, ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard, ZoomText ImageReader, ZoomText Mac, Window-Eyes, the ZoomReader iOS app and the ZoomContacts iPad app.

Media Contact: Nancy Holland, Vice President of Marketing, DirectEmployers Association, (317) 874-9022,

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