Staff photo of Candee ChambersIn addition to our Week In Review (WIR) and OFCCP Compliance Alerts, we added a new subcategory called Compliance Tips. These posts are quick snippets of advice for federal contractors, provided by a variety of field experts. This week’s tip is from Candee Chambers, Vice President of Compliance & Partnerships at DirectEmployers Association.


Today’s OFCCP Compliance Tip: When You Receive A CSAL
When you receive a CSAL, or even an actual Scheduling Letter, make sure you check your website to ensure an individual with a disability who needs assistance in applying for a position with your company can get the type of help required. Click on the link or call the phone number that you have displayed for people to get assistance and check the following:

  1. Did someone answer the phone? If not, how long did it take someone to return the call?
  2. Did someone respond to an email? How long did it take to receive a response?
  3. Did the individual(s) answering the phone and/or email know how to provide the assistance needed?

This can be very important in an OFCCP audit as the Compliance Officer will most likely go to your website and apply for a job. Make sure the experience they have is a positive one!

Receive OFCCP compliance alerts and updates right on your phone! Text the word compliance from your mobile phone to 55678 (all applicable charges and fees set by your cell phone carrier will apply).
Candee Chambers
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