Phillips 66 On Campus It’s hard to think that a company as large as Phillips 66 would have trouble recruiting talent to fill its job openings, but that’s exactly the position this 100-year-old start up was in after splitting from its parent company, ConocoPhillips, in May of 2012. Following the separation, Phillips 66 was immediately tasked with building a university branding campaign to differentiate themselves on campus while competitively recruiting top talent to their new company.

Priority one during their project entitled, “Route to Success” was the launch of a digital platform and a complete redesign of their university recruiting website that would help to further enhance their best-in-class portal for students to learn more about the organization and connect to the company for career opportunities. In addition, Phillips 66 wanted to provide a positive candidate experience that included: ease of job search, quick access to information about “What’s Behind the Shield” (EVP), information about the company’s culture, and consistent messaging across their social media platforms. The website would also target three key audiences, including:

  • university students looking for internships and new hire opportunities
  • university alumni candidates seeking career and job opportunities–specifically targeting military, diversity, ADA and technical candidates
  • external partners looking for more information on Phillips 66, their culture and opportunities for growth and development

As this project was a huge undertaking for Phillips 66, they enlisted the help of NAS Recruitment and DirectEmployers. NAS Recruitment was entrusted with the design and brand identity of the website, and DirectEmployers was tasked then with using its recruitment marketing platform, to build, implement and maintain the website moving forward. Together, they had the common goal of creating a site that would enable Phillips 66 to continue building a high performing organization. During the process, both NAS Recruitment and DirectEmployers had to be mindful of aligning this website’s digital messaging and platform with the company’s current branding and business strategy.

Phillips 66 launched the initial site in August of 2012, then revised and rebranded the site on August 1, 2014, gaining overwhelmingly positive reviews from their student recruits and campus partners. Within the first 18 months, their website,, had:

  • 31,654 click-throughs to “apply now”
  • 24,009 unique visitors
  • 35% application conversion
  • on site average time of over 5 minutes
  • achieved 50% over targeted recruiting goals since inception

The relaunch on August 1, 2014 then yielded Phillips 66 with the following results:

  • 25,317 visitors
  • 18,036 unique visitors
  • 143,648 page views
  • 67 pages viewed per visit
  • 7,863 click-throughs to “apply now” with a 31% conversion rate
  • average time on site of 3 minutes and 13 seconds

Through their branding, messaging and overall site design, Phillips 66 was able to exceed their original goals and expand the program to incorporate other key initiatives such as: research and PhD recruiting; technical recruiting; outreach to university military students utilizing the GI Bill; outreach to a diverse group of student organizations; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and rebrand their university recruitment site to align with their new corporate guidelines and strategy.

Cheers to Member company, Phillips 66, and each of their partners who helped make this project come to life. We certainly think you are the deserving winner of the DirectEmployers 2014 Career Site Member Award. For more information on ways we can help you enhance your campus career site, visit or contact a Digital Strategist today! Phillips 66 will also be conducting a webinar showcasing their efforts on June 16, 2015 from 2:00 – 3:00 PM. Register to attend this webinar and learn more about their collaborative efforts.

Jaime Costilow
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