You might think that employers in the welding jobs capital of the U.S. would have no problem finding talent to fill their positions. However, statistics show that there is in fact a shortage of skilled welders in the Lone Star State. A booming manufacturing sector, a bustling building and construction market and a lively oil and extraction sector has made it hard for many companies to find enough qualified welders.

Furthermore, as Tulsa Welding School highlights, a lot of welders simply do not have the training and skills needed to fill specialized positions. While the sheer demand for welders has enabled those without proper training and qualifications to still find work, not all companies can afford to allow leeway for mistakes and repairs. Fortunately, there are ways in which personnel-strapped companies can find the welders they need. Following are two important points that can help employers locate skilled, experienced welders sooner rather than later.

Look for Certification

A good welder should have had formal training at a welding school. Welding schools not only teach technical skills but also offer hands-on instruction. What is more, such schools use the latest equipment and techniques, and many offer specialized courses that enable graduates to not only handle routine welding tasks but also specialized welding jobs. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes, most employers prefer to hire welders who have had formal training to those who have not attended a credentialing program.

Seek Professional Help

Employers who are unable to find qualified welders through traditional means like classified advertisements may want to consider networking with talent acquisition professionals. DirectEmployers, a unique community of talent acquisition and OFCCP compliance leaders, is a non-profit association that was established in 2001 to help businesses of all sizes lower recruitment costs, amplify job visibility, develop or regain ownership of employment branding, and facilitate the meeting of EEO/AA goals. The association provides services that could help connect employers with skilled welders, such as the online Recruitment Marketing Platform. When traditional routes to finding qualified labor have failed, innovative solutions like those offered by DirectEmployers may be the next logical step.


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