Before & After: 4 Companies Revamp their Career Sites

One of the best ways to get inspiration for solving your own challenges is to learn from your peers. Check out the full webinar or the highlights below to see how employers like you have tackled online recruitment challenges head-on, creating robust strategies tailored to their specific needs.


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North Highland had a multi-tiered approach to addressing their recruitment needs. This scenario was exciting because we had access to all of the data needed to develop a comprehensive strategy. We looked at a long list of keyword searches & trends to prioritize their needs in several areas. The back & forth created a much more effective solution.

Being familiar with their recruitment and our understanding of keyword trends we could align their goals to job seeker activities. This led to an increase in overall exposure and allowed different channels for enhancing the job seeker experience.


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Dow Jones has improved their candidate experience by branding out individual sites that tailor to select target groups as well as providing a seamless feel between the corporate site and career site. These sites also use the latest SEO techniques to maximize organic traffic that has increased the over all traffic to their career site.

We also created custom XML feeds for job boards/aggregators for a unified source of traffic so it’s easy to identify where the visits and apply clicks are coming from.


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SolarWinds, like many organizations in their industry, competed for top talent in the IT world. After utilizing our search engine optimized job content overlay, we were able to help them begin the process of winning unbranded, organic search engine queries.

We have also helped SolarWinds capitalize on mobile applicants. Their new site is fully optimized for easy accessibility on all mobile devices using responsive design.


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With growing competition for talent, Republic Services needed a way to display their unique qualities, corporate culture and competitive salaries to potential job seekers. By implementing DirectEmployers Recruitment Marketing Solution, they were able to overcome their challenges and better align their branding efforts to create a seamless job seekers experience from their corporate site to their career site. Republic Services now sees an average of 50,000 apply clicks on their new site, with traffic generated from over 9,000 different locations. Thanks to an enhanced user experience, measurable analytics component and source code tracking, they also have the ability to track where their traffic is coming from and can continue to refine their online recruitment strategy.

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