It’s a new year and a new year to expand your knowledge and network with your peers! Having concerns as to whether you are doing something right is human nature. Asking yourself questions like, “Did I approach that situation right?” “Are there ways I could improve XYZ process?” Even the smallest tasks can seem insurmountable when you get trapped in your own head.

Instead of feeling defeated, we want you to feel inspired. Luckily for you, you have a community of peers who share your challenges and struggles and are willing to help by sharing their knowledge, ideas and experience with a group of like-minded professionals.

With so many benefits surrounding peer-to-peer learning, we’re kicking off a content series this year that will be led by our Members who will be sharing their diversity strategies, veteran programs, employee resource groups, recruitment strategy, disability programs and everything in between. Stay tuned for monthly peer-to-peer learning from companies like Lilly, Colorado Springs Utilities, Los Alamos National Laboratory and more!

Jaime Costilow
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