As November winds down and the holiday season approaches, we are left to consider all that we are thankful for. Homes, family, health. But, other important things may go overlooked, like our nation’s servicemen and women who risk their lives to give us safety and freedom, or, perhaps, you are thankful for your job.

Unfortunately, many of our veterans are struggling to find jobs of their own, after their service in the military has ended. Often times, veterans even end up underemployed because their military skill set does not easily translate to the civilian workplace. As employers, it is our duty to make a place for them as they return to civilian life. Not only is this a good choice for government contractors who must abide by regulations set forth by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), it is also good for business. Military employees have unique skills, experience, and education that can bring value to your workforce and ultimately add to the bottom line for your organization.

Want more proof? Check out these reasons why veterans and military servicemembers are valuable employees.

1. Leadership – Loyalty, dedication and a high level of motivation are just a few of the traits that make servicemembers great leaders.
2. Professionalism – With a deep sense of honor, self-respect, and integrity, servicemembers offer the professionalism you desire in a candidate.
3. Responsibility – Used to working in fast-paced environments, servicemembers are good decision-makers and willingly take on responsibility for meeting goals and objectives.
4. Diverse Mentality – The military is comprised of a diverse group of individuals and often leads servicemembers to work in diverse environments around the globe. This makes them comfortable working in a diverse workforce.
5. Team Player – Familiar with working in teams, servicemembers are good at delegating, compromising and working with others for the overall benefit of the organization.
6. Positive Attitude – Always up for a challenge, and often faced with dangerous situations, servicemembers possess a “can do” attitude and willingness to take charge.
7. Good Under Pressure – Often confronted with fast-paced, high-stress situations, veterans have the critical skills to remain calm and positively handle stress.
8. Professional Image – Used to military customs where a clean and tidy uniform is required, veterans understand that a professional image and appearance are a must.
9. Timely – Accustomed to strict schedules and time restraints, servicemembers are always on time and good at keeping within deadlines.
10. Attention to Detail – Military servicemembers maintain a “best it can be” mentality and always get the job done right, even if it requires more time and effort.

Veterans have so much to offer and deserve a chance to share their knowledge and skill with the workforce. Does your organization have military hiring initiatives? We’d love to hear how you are putting our nation’s heroes to work!

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