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The new year can be an inspiring time for people determined to change their habits and learn new skills. With thousands of skills to choose from, it’s hard to know which are the most efficient to focus time on, and will offer the greatest return on investment.

For those resolving to transform their career in 2019, it’s a good idea to spend time honing the skills most sought after by companies. Using data from LinkedIn, Whiteboard Advisors has identified the skills most sought after in 2019 by over 2,000 companies surveyed.

Cloud Computing

As the world rushes toward the cloud, companies are desperately searching for engineers who have the skills to accommodate this demand.

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and AI is part of almost every business, and skilled workers in this field are highly sought after.

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Analytical Reasoning

As they collect more data than ever before, companies are hungry for professionals who can make smart decisions based off it.

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People Management

The world has changed from a “command-and-control” model toward leaders who can coach and empower, a difficult skillset few professionals possess.

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UX Design

UX design is the key to making a digital world work for humans.

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Mobile App Development

A skill that’s been in-demand for several years as companies continue to design mobile-first platforms.

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Video Production

Demand for video production is spiking as video streaming represents 70 percent of all consumer Internet traffic.

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Sales Leadership

 Sales is one of those skills that’s always in-demand, and great sales leaders are only becoming harder and harder to find.

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 We are more connected globally than ever before, with translation skills breaking down one of the last remaining barriers: language.

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Audio Production

Similar to video, there’s been a spike in interest in podcasts and other audio digital formats recently, leading to increased demand for this skill.

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