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How To Word Your Job Ad

Even if you have limited resources you can still create job ads that can spark a candidate’s imagination. Words can have a huge impact and the way we sue them are at the core of today’s episode. Johnny Campbell explores the difference between the types of language we use and how we construct our job ads

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, this gives you an appreciation of how powerful words can be. Can you think of any open job ads that you can modify straightaway? Before you sit down to edit them remember:

  1. Language can affect the application rate and application quality of your job ads- it’s worth spending time getting it right
  2. Make sure your ads are candidate-centric, supportive language led to more applications and better quality candidate.
  3. “You, your and yours” are the way forward. Pay attention to the way you use these in your job ad- they’re small yet powerful words!
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