This year’s DE Membership 101 webinar and blog series has focused on providing bite-sized pieces of membership to our audience for easier consumption. While DirectEmployers provides many products and services to its Members, it can be difficult to know where to plant your shovel and start digging. Do you focus on OFCCP Compliance exclusively? Do you attempt to roll the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) into your team’s daily outreach activity? What if you are not a government contractor, so you really just want to focus on Analytics and Job Syndication? The Member Engagement team is here to help!

Formerly the Member Services team, the Member Engagement team is now focused on shifting our product training processes to a proactive approach that breaks the large membership overview into individual calls with instruction that fits your narrative and goals. We first start with a discovery call that contains questions to learn more about your objectives with membership, and quickly touches on each product and service available. At the end of the call, you and the engagement team can then decide on the best Engagement Path for you and your team.

What types of paths are available? We’re glad you asked!

  • Compliance Advocate: Engagement in all products and services with an emphasis on OFCCP compliance application and use.
  • Admin: Basic instruction on all platforms with an emphasis on reporting, strategy, and program build-out.
  • User: Emphasis on instruction on platforms such as Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) and Resume Search function without the reporting side that Admins will see.
  • Super User: Focused on providing training to new team members and engaging in advocacy roles such as Member Mentor, Connect Ambassador, etc.

The cornerstone of the Member Engagement department is to meet the Member where they are and provide education and resources from that point.  How do you want or need to consume instruction and information? We know that our Members are located along a continuum that ranges from passive engagement to Members who are simply looking to find a resource or observe a webinar, to Members who are our true advocates. It is our hope that we’ll be able to help you identify where you feel most comfortable and support you along the way.

If you haven’t spoken to a Member Engagement Representative lately, reach out to to be connect with a representative. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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