It’s spooky season, and the coop is a flurry with feathers flying, roosters running, and ideas hatching! New career sites and recruitment marketing solutions are flying out the (barn)door faster than you can say cocka-doodle-BOO. After all, we’ve found nothing more frightful than ho-hum career sites, and our creative team has gone the extra mile to create boldly branded experiences fitting for brands large and small. This month’s career site launch comes from Lehigh Hanson – let’s dive in!

Foundational Problems

For more than a century, Lehigh Hanson has been supplying North America with cement, aggregates, ready mixed concrete, asphalt, and other building materials – genuinely paving the way for infrastructure, home, and office projects. The company’s storied history of excellence and superior product quality can be attributed to the strength of its team’s character, core principles, and ability to innovate. Since 2014, Recruit Rooster has supported Lehigh Hanson’s hiring efforts through a free Member microsite. As hiring efforts continued to evolve, the company contemplated its recruitment marketing footprint and landed on creating a seamless career site experience for job seekers – and Recruit Rooster was just the bird for the job.

Concrete Solutions

To create a solid structure, Recruit Rooster took over hosting the entire career site from Lehigh Hanson’s long-time vendor and began reviewing how they’d like to approach brand awareness and visibility with the internal team. The Creative Team then worked to integrate the branding and design elements seen on the Lehigh Hanson corporate site into the look and feel of the career site, making the transition between the two pages nearly seamless. The work began pulling imagery from varying job sites into the hero image and encompassing recruitment videos, inviting content, and a visual job search map into the mix. For additional clout, Google Talent was included to improve the search experience helping to correct misspellings, increase quality hires, and match recognized industry jargon a job seeker may type into the search field.

Paving the Way to Results

Talk about building a rock-solid infrastructure! With an excellent footing in place for its career site, Lehigh Hanson has set their sights on attracting talent to its new page and building brand recognition in the process. With the addition of Google Talent, the company will experience superior job search functionality over time thanks to the impressive machine learning component of the cloud-based search.

With another career site launch in the books, Recruit Rooster will continue to work with the team at Lehigh Hanson to refine the growing career site and align its recruitment efforts with its growing digital footprint. Talk about a concrete win-win!

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Jaime Costilow
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