What’s the one element that all career sites have in common? Well, for starters, every employer sets out to create a stand-out, unique experience that wows job seekers and entices them into clicking apply. With so many different site configurations, user experience opportunities, and elements to consider, it isn’t easy to know where to begin and what will resonate best with your audience. Recruit Rooster starts with the essentials – your brand and goals. Just like roosters themselves, each career site acts as a direct reflection of your company’s culture, dedication to its employees, and ultimately, a job seeker’s first impression. Let’s dive in to explore this month’s featured career site launch, Chicken Salad Chick.

From Humble Beginnings to Crowing Success

If you’re not familiar with Chicken Salad Chick, just give it time because this brand is rapidly expanding. With over 200+ locations in 17 states, this empire (which began as an in-home business) is taking the country by storm, serving up made from scratch chicken salad favorites served from the heart. With rapid expansion and growth comes a drive for talent to help staff their various franchise, corporate, and company-owned locations. As you can imagine, this complex desire to create a compelling digital footprint could only be understood bird to bird, and Recruit Rooster was up for the challenge.

“Im-peck-able” Solutions

Chicken Salad Chick Career Site

After putting their beaks together, the Chicken Salad Chick and Recruit Rooster teams knew that they had some work ahead of them. Setting up the jobs required the integrations of franchise jobs with corporate and company-owned restaurant jobs – meaning the Roosters were creating a first-of-its-kind career site experience. In addition, Chicken Salad Chick opted to level up their job search functionality by incorporating Google Talent – an AI-based job search that improves over time and even recognizes industry jargon. To tie everything together and help illustrate what it’s like to work at Chicken Salad Chick, Recruit Rooster produced a recruitment marketing video set at a newly opened Indiana store location.

Ruling the Roost with Results 

With colorful branding and an “eggcellent” recruitment marketing video in place, the Recruit Rooster team will continue to support the Chicken Salad Chick team with ongoing analytics and guidance as their site and brand evolve. With so many opportunities in play, the Chick Family’s new career site is sure to ruffle a few feathers and help them continue expanding their flock for years to come.


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Jaime Costilow
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