Employers around the nation have continued to prioritize veteran hiring. Why? The answer is simple. Veterans are proven leaders with a mission-focused approach to work, adaptable to workplace needs, and most importantly, carry a strong work ethic wherever they go. With that said, it’s no wonder employers are vying to get in front of this diverse talent pool. What’s the first step? Telling candidates you’re veteran-friendly is one thing, but showing them is an entirely different action. Let’s take a peek at four employers who have gone the extra mile to showcase their support for our nation’s veterans and military spouses using Recruit Rooster’s Military Crosswalk platforms!

American Red Cross

Headquartered in our nation’s capital and known for its emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education, veterans are one of the key talent pools for this organization’s hiring and recruitment efforts. So much so that they have an entire page dedicated to military skills translations, accolades, and military family resources. Dive into the American Red Cross’s veteran career site to discover how they’ve designed it to better engage with military and veteran candidates through a mix of job options, career matching, military base search, and even an abundance of resources.

Veteran Careers at American Red Cross

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

For over 130 years, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) has had one mission – battling cancer. This organization recognizes the value veterans have in the civilian workforce and ties their day-to-day activities into the mission-focused mindset of veterans through imagery and compelling bold statements. In addition to its military skills translator, MSKCC highlights its veteran employee resource group (ERG) and veteran talent community, allowing passive job seekers to stay connected to recruiters. To go the extra mile, MSKCC includes first-hand experience in the form of testimonial videos from their current veteran employees.

Veteran Careers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

General Motors

Headquartered in Detroit, General Motors (GM) is an American multinational automotive manufacturing company recognized worldwide. Helping our nation’s heroes and families begin a new journey after their service has been a mainstay of GM’s hiring efforts. Using the Recruit Rooster’s Military Crosswalk has allowed GM to streamline their veteran hiring efforts by offering a military skills translator, browse by military base to support military spouses and families seeking employment, and even a veteran resources page for additional support needs. Explore this veterans career site to look at how this automotive powerhouse has positioned itself as a top employer and supporter of our veterans and military families.

Veteran Careers at GM

Camping World

Specializing in all things recreational vehicles, parts, and service, Camping World has over 185 locations in 40 states, making this company the prime destination for everything RV. Veteran and military hiring remains a significant focus thanks to their unique perspectives, and Camping World is proud to provide several resources to transitioning servicemembers and their spouses. With clever tie-ins like, “Move your career from a Humvee to an RV…” and carefully curated veteran resources, Camping World has simplified the job search process for veterans by offering information on military partnerships, testimonials, and more to support their full-circle approach to hiring.

Veteran Careers at Camping World

Ready to showcase your unique stance and efforts to hire veterans, transitioning servicemembers, military spouses, and families? Connect with the creative team at Recruit Rooster to explore what a Military Crosswalk might look like for your organization and how this platform can complement your existing hiring strategy. From military skills translators to custom job mapping and more, learn how these tools can support your efforts and help establish a digital footprint for your efforts to reach the military community. 

Jaime Costilow
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