There is a special place for women who support women. One person is simply one voice, but you become a strong pack with powerful clout when collectively working together and building each other up. In the past, women have been taught that competition is how you get ahead due to the scarcity of jobs in leadership roles, but it’s clear that the tides are turning, and when you work together and collaborate to drive change, you also change the outlook for not only yourself but others around you and generations to come. You realize that not only is it possible to have a seat at the table, but also equally as advantageous to bring other women along to be seated beside you – that’s where the real power lies.

This year, we’re driving home the importance of support, connection, and women’s empowerment through the work of our expanding employee resource groups (ERGs), with one focusing on women’s inclusion aptly dubbed the “DE Women’s Inclusion Network” or DE WIN. Led by two incredible women on our Partnerships Team, Kim Lott and Yahaira Battiata, the group – which I’m a proud member and Executive Sponsor of – kicked off with an incredible event on February 28th at Hope Center Indy, an organization that offers faith-based support and programs for the recovery of women exiting human trafficking, addictions, and other life-dominating issues.

DirectEmployers 2024 ERG Meetups

During this meeting, we gathered as a group in person for coffee/tea, conversation, and a fun kick-off meeting with a “Guess Who” game highlighting fun facts about each of the group’s participants. See the video below that illustrates the many businesses within Hope Center Indy and the time for connection this group of women set aside to get to know one another better.

Each woman in this group comes from varying backgrounds, but all share one common trait—a spirit of support and recognition that we are better together. It’s safe to say that with many more meetings ahead, we can amplify each other’s voices, build relationships and deeper connections, and lean on each other to grow together as a group.
Jaime Costilow
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