Recruiting, Sourcing and Hiring in 2010

Recruiting, Sourcing and Hiring in 2010

Part 1 – Using Social Media/SEO in Recruiting

There will always be hiring- whether it’s to backfill positions, staff for sales of new product launches, or increase headcount due to growth. It’s important to embrace social media in our hiring practices. Why?

Many candidates assign more value on what a friend says about a job than any other source. People trust friends more than advertising, so it’s crucial that social media has a part in online recruitment efforts.

Myself and others, like Marvin Smith- the author of a blog on the Human Capital Institutes’ website, believe a social revolution has caught the recruitment industry by surprise.

HCI screenshot

Smith said, “I believe we were blindsided by the move to social networking and the resulting social community phenomenon.”

He goes on to say, “It is the aftermath to the move to social communities that presents both opportunities and challenges for the recruiting industry.”

Let’s examine some great examples of the use of social media in recruiting.

Stay tuned for the next post about YouTube.

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