Hyatt Hotels & Resorts:  413 properties world-wide with approximately 85,000 associates working in Hyatt properties, regional offices and sales offices around the globe

Recently, BusinessWeek named Hyatt as a “Best Place to Launch a Career” in their 2009 survey, published in the September 14 issue of the magazine. The industry-leading and widely read business publication included the organization as part of its fourth-annual survey of the year’s best companies for entry-level workers. The list of 69 employers spans 14 industries and highlights best-in-class companies, non-profits and government agencies that impressed editors with feedback from career counselors, students and company-specific statistics.

Chicago-based Hyatt Hotels Corporation gained its #27 position through a combination of effective intern-to-hire programs, training methods and promotional opportunities for entry-level hires into its internship and Corporate Management Training programs.

“We are thrilled that Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is being recognized for its ongoing efforts to attract and reward new employees,” said Randy Goldberg, Vice President of Recruiting, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. “We work hard to create a family-like environment, in which our associates can thrive and feel proud of their accomplishments and company. Our policy to first consider our own associates when filling senior positions reflects our confidence in our training and hiring methods. The fact that 80% of our associates take advantage of these promotional opportunities indicates their satisfaction with their experience at Hyatt.”  (From

Nancy Holland, VP Marketing for Direct Employers recently interviewed Randy Goldberg, VP of Recruiting for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

What makes Hyatt unique?
Growing up with Hyatt, we have always had a very strong culture of developing and promoting our own.  When you have a group of passionate Hoteliers who have worked all over the country, or countries, the culture becomes even stronger.  Every associate knows what we focus on is our customers and employees. 

What is your role with Hyatt?
I’ve been with Hyatt for 22 years.  Who would have thought when I went to that first Hyatt orientation in Scottsdale, Arizona I would still be here 22 years later!  I don’t have a hospitality background or hospitality degree.  While attending Arizona State University, I started working at the Hyatt in Scottsdale.   It is a beautiful resort; who wouldn’t enjoy working there. So, I kind of fell into the hospitality business.  I worked in the operational areas for a while and I’ve lived all over the country.  At the beginning of my career I went through Hyatt’s management training program, which is kind of funny because that’s one of the areas I now oversee in my current position of Vice President of Recruiting.

Do you have a typical day?
When I arrive at the office and turn my computer on, that’s about where it all ends.  A lot of my day is spent reviewing recruiting performance measures, checking on our different strategies, and consulting with our properties.  Right now there’s a big focus on our employment brand, we will be spending some time on creating a global brand that reflects our culture of authentic hospitality. 

What are some of the key factors that have made Hyatt so successful in recruiting? 
It’s a few different things.  Number one, we have a well-respected brand.  When we do make a call for recruiting purposes, or are on campus, people seem to naturally want to talk with us, especially if they have any interest in hospitality.  Hyatt is known for its development of people. Another factor that has contributed to our recruiting efforts is the camaraderie between employees.  We do so much development and promotion internally; 85% of the time, we’re promoting somebody internally.  So our employees know there’s very good opportunity to move up if that’s something that they actually desire to do.  If there’s any downside, they also know if you want to move quickly within the company, you usually have to be willing to relocate a bit. 

Wrapping up, tell me about your favorite member benefit or service that you receive from your membership with DirectEmployers?
In the beginning it was the reporting of our jobs to all the different state agencies.  That was kind of a pretty big deal.  Now obviously I love the way that you distribute the jobs across the internet.  Also, I attended one of the last Annual Meetings that you had in Vegas. Attending the event was a great experience because it allowed me to get together with other people in the same line of work who are also with major companies. I enjoy hearing what they’re all talking about.  The SEO’s been good too.

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