DirectEmployers Association initiated the Member Surveys to execute recruitment industry benchmarking through a professional online survey with other member companies.

Survey Concluded:  December 1, 2009

  1. 26.9% of respondents stated that on average >18 reports are being generated out of your Applicant Tracking Systems.
  2. 80.4% stated that <75% of these reports are created in-house.
  3. 46% stated that <25% of these reports are canned.
  4. 64% stated you are reporting out of multiple systems.
  5. 66.7% stated your systems are not integrated.
  6. 83.7% stated that there is manual intervention required.
  7. 52.9% state you are currently exploring a better reporting solution.
  8. Analysts were ranked highest as the primary people pulling the reports.
  9. 58.8% stated these Analysts are from Talent Acquisition.
  10. 58.8% stated that in a global company the reporting is centralized.
  11. Data Analysis at 85.1% was the most selected included in the reports, with Charts/Graphics at 70.2% the second most selected and Data Trending at 63.8% the third most selected.
  12. 48% state that <25% of your reports provide analysis (i.e. key messages, interpretation of data, data trending, etc.)
  13. 45.1% state that <25% of your reports offer self-service analysis (i.e. requestor’s ability to interpret information, trend data and add key messages, etc.)
  14. Reports are distributed to HR Managers by 84.3% closely followed by HR Vice Presidents by 80.4% and reports are distributed to Recruiters by 70.6% and Company Executives (i.e. Vice Presidents)
  15. 93.9% stated reports are being distributed by Email.
  16. 51.0% stated the distribution frequency is On-demand as well as Monthly and 46.9% stated the distribution frequency is Quarterly.
  17. 9 respondents provided contact information for additional information.

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