March 9, 2010 DirectEmployers hosted a webinar highlighting the Direct Compliance product. Provided here is a review of the presentation along with a link to the recorded webinar.

Items covered:

  • Who is DirectEmployers Association?
  • Member Benefits
  • Direct Compliance survey results
  • Review of graphs and charts
  • Review of comments
  • Questions answered
  • OFCCP Job Distribution and Reporting
  • NASWA & State Agreements
  • G-Five

We presented information about our product wheel and how Direct Compliance interacts with the other products and services provided by DirectEmployers.

DirectEmployers Association sends out industry-specific surveys to Members on behalf of Members and, occasionally, the Association. This month, DirectEmployers reached out to Members and asked about their knowledge and experience regarding compliance. Here are some key findings:

Notable comment from survey respondent: “I think you are seeing a shift at the OFCCP to want more than what is required by current regulations.  Also, I find it a best practice to call the agency where the jobs are being forwarded from time to time just to say hello and see if they have any questions.  If an audit calls the agency, and they know your company/name, I find that can defuse some of this.”

What we’ve learned…Compliance is relevant, important, and critical to most employers.

In 2011, employers should expect more audits and we’re here to keep you up-to-date and help you with your compliance obligations. View the webinar or click here to learn more about Direct Compliance.

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