Using Social Media/SEO in Recruiting


Here we have the HyattCareers YouTube Channel

Hyatt on YouTube

The description of this video reads: “A short promotional video that encourages people to connect with Hyatt using social media. Let us know what you think.”

Hyatt is looking to encourage interaction with job seekers through their social media by providing engaging content and asking for feedback.

Not only do they have job seeker videos but promotional videos like “You’re More Than Welcome” that had 31,474 views at the time of this entry. This is obviously a popular video and HyattCareers is tapping into an audience that might not be looking for jobs.

HyattCareers Channel Profile Stats:
Channel Views: 3,674
Total Upload Views: 7,649
Subscribers: 50 (this is a great place to create a TALENT COMMUNITY)

Next we have YouTube’s video channel:

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Profile Stats:
Channel Views: 6,219,747
Total Upload Views: 16,882,085
Subscribers: 129,067
(A phenomenal number that could be a TALENT COMMUNTY -seems like a missed opportunity.)

When I attempted to find information about their jobs, there didn’t seem to be any links to their career site from the main video page. So I did a search for “YouTube jobs” and found the following video:

Working at YouTube

This is an advertisement for jobs at YouTube – over 160,000 views; Best Practice you will see here is – Text box link on the video that states “YouTube is hiring! Apply today at”

The video was uploaded on November 11, 2009; however, it doesn’t appear that it is anywhere to be seen on their main video page where over 100,000 potential candidates could see the opportunity. Maybe Google does this on purpose because they get so many unsolicited resumes, but it appears to be a missed opportunity.

The Statistics & Data feature on YouTube makes it easy to measure traffic and the effectiveness of videos. Users are able to view the demographics of the viewers and see if the right candidates are being targeted. See below for the stats on this video.


The most views were in the United States by Males ages 13-44.


Keep in mind that YouTube isn’t the only place to share your videos. Reel SEO has a blog with a list of video sharing websites. What I like about this list is that it provides the Alexa and Google rankings for English sites as well as those in other languages.


Stay tuned for the next post about Facebook.

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