Seeing is believing, so instead of creating a painfully complex and extensive 15 page case study on how a .JOBS Career Microsite works I decided to explain it through pictures. I am going to look at and show how it has progressed over the last year. Let the screenshots begin….

Above is a screenshot of The site was launched in April of 2011 and contains only system operator related positions. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):  System Operators are usually employed by utility companies, and their job is to control the flow of electricity through transmission lines to industrial plants. DTE Energy realized that in order to compete on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for System Operator related searches they needed to have a site specifically built to win these searches.  Below are screenshots showing their success:

When a microsite is first released the first types of searches it is going to rank for are targeted branded searches. This makes sense. Because the company’s name is the first thing listed in the domain, the site only contains their brands jobs and therefore the content of the site is branded as the company. The search above shows how DTE Energy wins 9/10 results on page one of Google with their .JOBS Career Microsites. I would encourage any company reading this to do a similar branded targeted search to see how much of page one you currently own.

Once the site has gained some traction and won back all system operator branded searches it begins to take foot in areas where the companies jobs are most prevalent. In terms of DTE Energy this means System Operator jobs in Michigan. DTE Energy is located in Michigan and 2/3 of its jobs are located in the state. Google picks up on this and begins allowing the microsite to take back this search’s real estate.

Finally, the last step that takes is it takes back search real estate on the unbranded, non-location based searches. In this case DTE Energy now ranks 8th for the search “System Operator Jobs”. You will notice that DTE Energy is the only company on this page. The rest of the results belong to Job Boards and Job Aggregators.

In summary, DTE Energy absolutely dominates its branded system operator searches, it is taking up huge real estate in Michigan related system operator searches, and finally it is competing globally against job boards and aggregators when it comes to System Operator Talent. There are 1,600 people monthly who search “System Operator Jobs” and DTE Energy is taking back ownership of this occupation from the Job Boards and Aggregators.

Seth Flater
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