Before I highlight this weeks branding of the week, I would like to thank Phillips 66 and NAS Recruitment Innovation, because without them there is absolutely no way we would have built This microsite build out was definitely a collaborative effort. The need,vision, and content was provided by Phillips 66, NAS Recruitment Innovation provided the styling and the creative content, and we at implemented the site for desktop, mobile, and tablet viewing experiences. The site was built with tablet viewing in mind and is used mainly for on campus career fairs. It utilizes our Custom Home Page Template as well as 65 different unique static content pages. My favorite aspect of the site is the University Partnership Page. When I was in college I worked at the college career services office and it was always exciting when specific companies would stop by for events. Phillips 66 has taken it a step further, not only do they visit each campus, but on the On Campus Microsite they highlight all of the colleges they partner with. Check out the page here. Like any .JOBS Branding of the week, the power is in visiting the site and having a look for yourself.

Phillips 66 On Campus Careers

Seth Flater
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