One of the things that I am most excited about with this blog is the ability to highlight different microsites. At the time of writing this blog we currently have 2,339 domains using the .JOBS Microsite technology, and they all look different. That means we have a huge base of sites to learn from. By highlighting different sites I hope to not only give credit where credit is due, but also to give examples that other companies can use in their .JOBS strategies.

The first site that I am going to highlight is This .JOBS Microsite is built to specifically brand 24 Hour Fitness as a company and who values diversity within it’s workforce. Through this site they are showing job seekers that diversity is important to everyone of their jobs, as well as showing search engines that the word diversity should be attached to all of their listings.

This microsite can be examined by looking at the 3 distinct types of pages currently constructed within its site structure.

Home Page (

The home page is the face of this microsite. The 24 Hour Fitness header branding coupled with the billboard image really helps to drive home the purpose of this site. With this site 24 Hour Fitness is able to use their jobs to basically build their very own diversity job board. This home page makes it clear to job seekers that 24 Hour Fitness values diversity, and they want everyone to know it.

Search Result Page (

The screenshot above is what will be seen on the thousands of different search result pages. While people are browsing through jobs 24 Hour Fitness is highlighting why they value diversity at the top of every page. This further helps to brand the site to diverse candidates as well as to the search engines.

Job Listing Page (

Finally the last type of page that makes up this .JOBS Microsite is the job listing page. At this point a job seeker has browsed through the site and they clicked on a job that they found interesting. This is where 24 Hour Fitness has decided to get its diversity branding out of the way. After a job seeker has clicked on a job, the only thing they want to see is the job. So, as you can see the text and image at the top of the search result pages has disappeared and this allows job seekers to get to the job description faster. Now all that is left for them to do is hit apply.

Seth Flater
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