Within .JOBS we have many exciting partnerships, but one of our best is the partnership that we have with Milicruit. We have partnered with them on their 10,000 Jobs Challenge. Milicruit has been on the forefront of using technology to help transitioning military connect with employers across the internet. The 10,000 Jobs Challenge is as simple as it sounds. By the end of 2013, Milicruit’s goal is to connect 10,000 jobs with the veteran community. In the first three months they have already reported that more than 5,000 veterans and military spouses have been hired. Being the quote “Data Robot”, I love how diligent they are being with tracking a real tangible number and publishing it out for all to see.

DirectEmployers is helping in many areas of marketing this initiative to our member companies, but one of the most exciting areas of the partnership is in how the 10,000 Jobs Challenge integrates with the .JOBS Military Crosswalk. The easiest way to see this merger of .JOBS with the 10,000 Jobs Challenge is to see it in action.

 The screenshot above is from the home page of 10000jobs.com. It’s full of great information and would encourage everybody to check out the video, but as far as .JOBS purposes I highlighted the area where I want you to click. Pfizer is a DirectEmployers member. They have signed up for the 10,000 Jobs Challenge, and if you click on the Pfizer link you will see their .JOBS Veterans Crosswalk on Pfizer-Veterans.jobs. For everybody who doesn’t click on the link, check out the image below.

This site is literally a veterans career page that takes the companies branding and merges it with a fantastic veteran initiative. You’ll see Pfizer’s header, then Milicruit’s 10,000 Jobs Challenge, and finally you see the Military Skills Translator.

Other .JOBS Military Crosswalks that go with the 10,000 Jobs Challenge are Penske-Veterans.jobs and IHG-Veterans.jobs.

Just like the title says, a strong company brand plus an exciting veterans initiative creates a complete veterans hiring initiative.

Seth Flater
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