Most people that know about .JOBS, know that we help put job SEO technology on career microsites. Examples of this type of site are, and They probably even know about the .JOBS Universe sites we run like, and Most people though are not aware of how we help various state job banks compete on Google, Yahoo, and Bing by providing them .JOBS Microsite technology. The state that has been the pilot for this service is Texas. They released a microsite in July of 2011 on the domain Below is a screenshot of the site as well as the results they have seen in terms of traffic growth.

The results really speak for themselves, but let’s put some percentage change numbers to them. Over the last year Pages Indexed increased by 31,997%, Impressions increased by 20,900%, Visits increased by 17,809%, and Conversions increased by 413,700%. Basically those numbers tell us that Google is loving the site more in more, its ranking higher and higher on search engine result pages, more job seekers are clicking on the site, and more of the job seekers are hitting apply on the jobs.

Other examples of .JOBS State Job Bank Microsites are, and

Seth Flater
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