Usually for the .JOBS Microsite Branding of the week, I only pick one site from a company and highlight it. This week I could not decided between two of EMC’s .JOBS Microsites, so I decided to highlight both of them. The site below is This is the site that they get with their DirectEmployers Membership. The thing that I like most about this site is the image of the building as the billboard image. The image tells me a ton about the company and the coolness of the building makes me want to learn more about the company. The other thing that I like about this site is the simple structure of their header links. EMC realizes that this site is completely built around job seekers, so the links at the top are only related to job seekers. I can learn about the company, I can learn about the companies benefits, or I can join their talent community. It’s simple and to the point.

The other site that EMC has is a .JOBS Veterans Crosswalk on The image they use for the billboard on this site fits perfectly with the sites goal. EMC’s military crosswalk is built to translate military skills to civilian jobs/occupations. The billboard image shows support for all 6 branches of the military, the visual merges military with civilian, and the quote from their VP of Global Talent Acquisition pulls the whole thing together.

When thinking about how to brand your .JOBS Microsites, I would definitely recommend using EMC as a template. There is nothing complex about the branding, but the visuals chosen and the simpleness of the layout makes for a great user experience.

Seth Flater
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